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Avícola Redondo SL is a livestock company that currently exploits 4 laying hens farms, all of them in the Abulense’s village of El Barraco. We cover all four production systems of fresh hens eggs:

  • Caged hens (code 3)
  • Cage-free hens (code 2)
  • Free range (code 1)
  • Organics (code 0)

Belonging to the same business group is Monte Encinar Farm SL from where we carry out the selection, calibration and packaging processes of the eggs we produce.

With a human team formed by 30 workers and a clear commitment to the continuous improvement of the processes and procedures that we developed, we maintain our own hallmark from the beginning of our business career, committed to the welfare of our animals, the quality of our products and personalized customer service that endorses and distinguishes us.

It worries us and occupies our human and financial efforts, improving the relationship with the rural areas that supports our activities and also with the environment. For years we have been betting on the use of the resources of our closest environment.

We are convinced that aspects such as energy efficiency, the embrace of self-production energy systems, circular economy, digitalization, R+D+i, etc. are the indispensable tools to face the future. In this aspect we are focusing our current and future investments so that our business performance is sustainable, respectful and an engine for the development of our village and our region.