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Innosost is a Spanish origin start- up responds to the need to channel all the challenges that are posed to the livestock sector at a European level.
Innosost belongs to INNOPORC group that has extensive experience in the pig industry and feed manufacturing sector. Currently, with 18 production centres and in expansion process.
The pillars on which our activity revolves are the following: 
It is one of the main assets of Innosost; we work to be a reference in the Circular Economy process. We transform the by-products into compost, which will be used as organic fertilizer, and, in turn, extract energy from the liquid part.
Our approach takes into account three different points about sustainability: the environmental, the social and the economic one. 
We investigate sustainability processes to help us to reduce the environmental footprint of our activity. Developing organic fertilizers, reducing our carbon footprint, reusing water or including renewable  energies are some examples of different projects we are working on.
We are strongly committed to social and economic sustainability. For this reason our company invests and grows jointly with the rural community in which we develop our activity. In addition, Innossot has a family-friendly policy, take care of its employers  and promotes the creation and maintenance of jobs as well as we take a chance on equal opportunities for everyone in our company.
Innosost establishes innovation as the cornerstone of each of its areas and departments.
We innovate within a traditional sector but with huge potential. We bet and participate in the implementation and development of different tools that, in addition, we use in the improvement our company: Checkpig, PigAdvisor, Autofeed, etc.
We work in constant collaboration with different companies in this and other sectors. The objective is to provide the sector with the best technologies and processes to produce more sustainable way, with greater animal welfare and better efficiency.