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AGRODATO delivers engineering technological services of Remote sensing, Agroclimatic sensor systems and Analytics for Smart farming. Being a pioneer and precursor company in the use of high-resolution Remote Sensing UAV technologies for agronomic monitoring and management, we base our developments in a complete process of digitalization, zonation and thorough study of farms by generation of the following works and reports:

  • Digital Field notebook (management of agricultural operations).
  • Crop characterization: Evaluation of vegetative canopy and vigor (NDVI, LAI, ...).
  • Maps and graphics for easy data integration and visualization.
  • Fertilization and irrigation plans (eco-sustainable).
  • Yield and crop quality estimations.
  • Pest and phytopathology alerts.

This information is complemented by sensors installation (meteorological stations, soil and plant probes, innovative devices, etc.), as well as targeted geo-localized analytical samples (plant and soil) where we integrated in a single software able to process and compute all the different agronomic parameters that are involved in the crop development.

Dealing with this powerful tool to facilitates and maximizes the performance of our work hand in hand with our customers, we achive the management, deliver and display results and data online accessible everywhere and at any time, and contributes to a greater technification, specialization and quality within the new technologies applied to agriculture. In AGRODATO we believe that sustainability of the productive agricultural model requires necessarily its technification and profitability, compatible with an ecological agriculture but equally massive. We are a SMART-AGRO cutting-edge company, proud of our past, with a dynamic present and a promising future. AGRODATO produces information and grows knowledge.