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NEW NET WAY is an established company in the field of mobile network and telecommunications. We have over a decade of experience in our area, having on one side, a professional team with an extended background in the communications fields, and on the other side, talented young engineers looking to develop their professional careers, all that united in the best combination.
Because of our vital experience and our partners’, we feel fully committed to the Support and Development of the Rural Environment.
For this purpose, we participated in several congress and conferences such as:

  • 2019 I European Congress on Rural Reforestation organised by StartUp Village in Villahoz (Burgos, Castilla y León, SPAIN)
  • 2020 Signing of the Gredos Declaration for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Rural and Territorial Repopulation.
  • 2020 Meeting with the Vice-President for Democracy and Demography of the European Commission to analyse how to promote Entrepreneurship in the Rural World.
  • 2020 Round Table "Rural is the Vanguard". «Presura Conference» in Linares de Riofrío (Castilla y León, SPAIN).

All this brought us to the birth of the idea of creating a space in a rural region in Fuentes de Béjar (Salamanca), serving as a window to get in contact to the innovations in technology. It will be the first Rural Innovation Centre to promote entrepreneurship with spaces to work, transfer knowledge, share experiences and develop ideas in a natural environment.

Our main activity focuses on working around technology, telecommunications and IoT.

We carry out Coverage Quality and Service Level Reports of Mobile operators for Companies and City Councils.

We develop and look for IoT solutions that help companies in rural areas to use digital tools that improve and facilitate their daily activity.

We advise, train and help to integrate digital and technological tools in the rural world, giving reasons to the new generations to reinforce the enthusiasm for the work that is only done in these environments but adapted to the digital era.