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Funded project: SEBASTIANA

The GO SEBASTIANA project aims to implement a comprehensive model for selection, classification and marketing of wool aimed at increasing the competitiveness and profitability of small sheep farms. This project is beneficiary of funds for the implementation of innovation projects of general interest by the Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership on agricultural productivity and sustainability (AEI-AEGRI), within the framework of the National Rural Development Program 2014-2020, with funds from the European Recovery Instrument (EU Next Generation). It is a measure subsidized 100% with funds from the European Union Recovery Instrument (Next Generation Funds) and articulated through the National Rural Development Program The group is led by OVIGEN, Center for Selection and Genetic Improvement of sheep and goats of Castilla y León, and has 7 members in the group: an association of sheep farmers of Castilian breed ANCA (national level) with the main objective of improving the Castilian breed, a center for transformation and preparation of wool fibers OVINTEGRAL IBERIA SL (Castilla y León), a livestock specialized in the Castilian breed such as El Navazo (Castilla y León), a private selection and insemination center OVIGEN (Castilla y León) which keeps and manages stallions of the main breeds of sheep that cover the entire national territory, a cooperative of farmers GENOVIS (Castilla y León) specialist in sheep genomics, an artisan specialized in wool such as DLANA (Community of Madrid) which gives services and workshops throughout the national territory, and an Innovation Agent specialized in the agri-food sector: IMASDE (Madrid and national). The operational group also has the hiring of DIH-LEAF as specialists in the digital transformation of the rural environment and THE MOUNTAIN LIVESTOCK INSTITUTE-CSIC as a research center specialized in livestock.